NSA La Maddalena

La Maddalena is for Italy Located right in Westside are of this country. It actually coordinates 41 ° 13’N 09 ° 24’E,about 11 000 inhabitants live here stretching on an area of 20 square miles. Furthermore, it seems that according to administrative structural division, part of the city of La Maddalena in the Sardegna region. It is a beautiful and extensive area. The military matters appear below so you can find out about the United States army base that was originated back in the 70´s.

The town has a few tourist curiosities, like del Parco Nazionale Della Maddalena Archipelago (Italy) about 1 km, Baia Sardinia (Italy) about 11 km, Porto Cervo (Italy), about 14 km, Santa Teresa Gallura (Italy) about 19 ​​km, Pevero Golf Club (Italy) about 17 km, Seroni in France like 23 km, the beack Piantarella also in France like about twenty three km, Golf Speroni (France) like twenty four km, Costa Smeralda in Italy, about 22 km, BONIFACIO (France) about 28 km, CAB in Italy like 31 km, then Olbia also in Italy like thirty four km, etc.

NSA La Maddalena

Soldiers practicing at NSA La Maddalena

Soldiers at NSA La Maddalena

Submarine at NSA La Maddalena

In 1973 the U.S army established a Navy Base here as a result of supporting the U.S Navy submarines and warships in the area La Maddalena area. In 1993 on the order of the Chief of Naval Operations the command center changed name to United States Naval Support Activity so it can do its missions more accurately, operating times and tasking.NSA (Naval Support Activity) has a team of 400 Naval Officers, Sailors, American and Italian`s that give support to the submarine tender homes, tended units, embarked squadron, operating forces COMSIXTHFLT and civilian personnel, all active duty`s and all the family members located in La Maddalena. It is actually beautiful and it is house for so many that must be rewarded and mentioned. The operations are just fine and everyone is contently training to improve.

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