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Weibaden is the home for the Europe based United States Air Force which is located at the Lindsey Air Station since 1953 to 1973. At present, the United States 1st Armored Division is based at the Wiesbaden Army Airfield near Autobahn on its way to Frankfurt. The base is present with small American housing areas and kasemes which can be seen around the area. Because of the report that the base is for closure, a lot of Americans are moving out of the base to Heidelberg and Darmstadt.

During the World War II, Wiesbaden had been spared by the bombings made by the allied forces. From 1940 to 1945, around 1,700 persons died and almost 18% of the houses in Wiesbaden were destroyed when it was attacked by the allied forces. On March 28, 1945, the US Infantry Regiment attacked Mainz to Rhine and the 319th Infantry Battalion assaulted near the Main River in Hochheim AM Main.

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The Americans arrested 900 Germans plus a warehouse with around 4,000 cases of champagne, Wiesbaden was then taken into custody by the US Army Forces. Wiesbaden did not have much damage unlike Frankfurt during the war which brought about the rumor that it was spared by the US Army Air Force because of the plan to make the place their headquarter after the war. The USAAF denied the rumor and answered simply that the economic and the location is the reason behind it. 

Wiesbaden is the capital city of the Hesse which can be found at the southwestern side of Germany with a population of 275,400 excluding the 10,000 Americans employed by the American military.  This is the oldest spa town of Europe whose name means the “meadow baths” because of the number of hot springs which until now is still growing.

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