US Army Garrison Brussels

The United States Army Garrison Brussels is the US Army liason to NATO headquarters and also to the European Units which are housed in Brussels. The United States Army Garrison Brussels mission is to perform the executive functions in support to all the US government agencies including the Department of States, Department of Defense and other US government personnel with their families designated in Brussels because of the presence of NATO headquarter. It is responsible for the different logistic and administrative functions in supporting the 2,700 people living in the base including their families. It also supports the Canadian Forces with their families that are assigned in USAG Brussels through a bilateral agreement.

US Army Garrison Brussels Facts

The services offered by USAG Brussels are the Army Post office, Consignment Shop, Barber Shop, Housing Office, Education Center, Transportation Division, engineering team, a Chapel, Finance Office, Food Court, Army Air Force Exchange Service Shoppette and a branch of Andrews Federal Credit Union. USAG Brussels aside from being the base for the US personnel working at NATO offers its support to the Defense Attache office at the US embassy, Brussels American School, Canadian military delegation to NATO and the office of the Defense Covperation. There are no military housing facilities in USAG Brussels but there is a designated office that will assist in the leasing and location of housing to the military family.

Army Garrison Brussels Practice

Soldier gets diploma at US Army Garrison Brussels

logo of Garrison Brussels

real action practice at US Army Garrison Brussels

The USAG Brussels is 60 minutes drive from Chievres Garrison near Belgium and the USAG Shinnen and five minutes drive to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Brussels is situated i150 miles from Amsterdam and 220 miles from Paris. The garrison’s compound is just five minutes drive from the NATO Offices.

The United States Army Garrison has its non-combat mission in servicing the 30th Signal Battalion, a support and communication unit.

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