Shindand Airbase

Shindand Airbase is seven miles in the northwester part of Sabzwar City and in western side of Herat Province in Afghanistan. The weather resistant asphalt road connects the airbase to the Farat-Herat Highway. Shindand airfield used to be a Soviet airfield and was repaired by the US Armed Forces.  The location is ideal for an airfield because of its dry and flat land surrounded by small mountains on the western and northern part of the airfield.

Shindand Airbase Facts

  • Website: No website for Shindand Airbase
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Latitude: 33.391331
  • Longitude: 62.260975
  • DSN: N/A

In the year 2002, the airfield which was built by the Soviets received severe damaged from bombings when the alliance forces entered Afghanistan and on August 15, 2004, the Afghan National Army secured the Shindand airport without any casualties. When the airbase is under the control of the Afghanistan government, United States began using the airbase in the installation of their aircraft. At present, the airbase is being utilized by ISAF and NATO Forces in their medical airlifts, training and humanitarian missions.

Helicopter at Shindand Airbase

Shindand Airbase Soldiers

Shindand Airbase experiences dust cloud

Shindand Airbase - f-15 lands

First c-17 lands at Shindand Airbase

Shindand Airbase is an ideal place for agricultural productions that’s why the United States Special operations founded The Shindand Agricultural Experiment Station on May 2008. Shindand base provided area for this agricultural mission while offering the Afghans with modern agricultural techniques and knowledge in growing crops which will provide support to their insurgent missions. It provides agricultural teaching in farming, maintenance and growing of bees and fish and various agricultural techniques.  The agricultural post has a greenhouse, beehives, agricultural center, fishponds, flowering plants and fruit bearing plants. Aside from this, the station provides housing facilities for their in house scientists.

The city which was known to be Sabzavar meaning “Green Fields” was later renamed to Shindand which means “Green Pond”. The city of Shindand is in the southern part of Adriskan with large facilities for training the police are located.  The Afghan Army also provides free medical clinic for the Afghan locals.

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    Base was Secured by 7th SPG and the Indiana National guard 76th INF BDE, ETT’s of RC West in 2004 and turned over to ANA in 2005.

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