Kandahar Airfield

Known as the Kandahar International Airport, this facility was built by the United States in the 1960s as part of the international aid projects. This project has served many purposes during and after the wars in Afghanistan and surrounding countries. The facility was first constructed to serve as a military airfield but is now serving both military and civilian flights. During the time it was built, there was threats of war between the United States and USSR and was to be used as an air Base if the war should start.

Kandahar Facts

  • Location: South-east of Kandahar City in Afghanistan
  • Website: Visit Kandahar Airfield Website ›
  • Latitude: 31.505833
  • Longitude: 65.847778
  • DSN: N/A
  • The Soviets took over the running of the facility in 1979 but did not maintain it. The facilities were also brought under immerse destruction during the Soviet-Afghan war, where the facility was attacked and bombed several times. During the United States led invasion of Afghanistan, the facility saw further destruction as it was a constant target for Taliban attacks. The airport contrast is almost like the ground and so cannot be seen in the air during the day, but by night, the place is lit and can clearly be seen. The airport is isolated from the Kandahar City.

    Military practice at Kandahar Airfield

    Areal View fo Kandahar Airfield

    Kandahar Airfield/Airport Areal

    Terminal And areal View of Kandahar Airport

    The total cost of building the airport in the 1960s is about 15 million dollar, which was huge at the time. It was build to store aircraft fuel for the re-fuelling of American planes on long distance journeys. The Soviet used the facility for storing and lifting war supplies and also for staging air attacks on local fighting groups. During this time though, the airport was not destroyed, though the war was harsh. During the Taliban era, they used the facility as a regular airport, hosting flights from many airlines from other countries and also for humanitarian uses. Terrorists also had their fair use of the facility when they brought down an Indian flight at the airport.

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