Creech Air Force Base

The Nevada Air Force Creech was approved renaming the Indian Springs Air base Auxiliary and it was a Base developed in honor to W.L. Creech. The General Creech actually revolutionized Air Force while advocating many fabulous views and a great philosophy of a decentralized authority & responsibility, shaped today AFB through a leadership like the command of a Tactical Command! In addition, no officer had more influence on Air Force recently by the General Creech. He actually transformed the manner Air Force actually conducted the warfare. Furthermore he was war super hero of Vietnam and Korea that improved all the tactics leading to successes in the fabulous Persian Gulf, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Kosovo.

Creech Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Creech AFB Website ›
  • Location: Indian Springs, in Clark County, Nevada
  • Phone: (702) 652-1110
  • Latitude: 36.58831
  • Longitude: -115.682688
  • DSN: N/A

Also, the respective airfield, was originally constructed by army back in the beginning of 1940 in order to fully support all the war efforts, it was renamed by a community of several people in Indian Springs, Nevada- this took place back in 1964. Today it is home of many Aerial Vehicles Battles Lab, eleventh Reconnaissance Squadrons, & the Silver Flags Alpha. A nice and official ceremony renaming airfield and took place the 20th of June in 2005 right at the Nevada Creech AFB.

Plane in hangar at Creech Air Force Base

Front gate of Creech AFB

Soldiers plans some nasty things at Creech AFB

Some strange military plane at Creech AFB

The eleventh & the fifteenth reconnaissance squadron, the Indian Springs AFB Auxiliary Fields, Nevada today operates the known and high-tech RQ-1A/B. Also, the Predator systems were designed for the Defense Department requirements in such a way to fully provide the persistent intelligence, the surveillance considering the reconnaissance data to war fighters.

Furthermore, it was actually one of the main and 1st successful advanced concepts tech demos to a transition to the production & the fielding. This appears to be great since it allows a cost-effective option by reducing costs together with the overall development timing by fully relying the technology in a maximum manner!  The eleventh RS finally received the 1st two Predators UAVs back in Nov 1996.

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