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The Gulfport Naval Construction Battalion Center is the home base of the construction units of the Naval Force which is found in Gulfport, Mississippi. It houses the 20th Naval Construction Regiment and the Navy Mobile Construction units such as the 1, 7, 74 and 133. The base offers home and services to the construction workers and is used as storage for the construction materials and equipment as well as a stand by force in time of emergency and insurgency.

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The Gulfport Battalion Center was founded on June 2, 1942 as a base for the Navy Seabees who were civilians at that time in constructing the military equipment and installations and provides home to the US Navy Construction Battalions that were to be assigned to the battlefields in Europe and the Pacific during the World War II. The US Naval Training Center was launched on March 1944 which provides training in radioman, basic engineering, diesel, electrician and quartermaster knowledge.

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During the World War II, the base was the center for training and construction works. It was then commissioned by the Navy and used as store house for the Navy and military facilities which until now serves the same purpose as well as the center for the various construction jobs in the military. On 1945, it became the US Naval Storehouse and was commissioned on 1946 as the Training Center. On 1948, it became the storage of the countries accumulated stocks such as copper, bauxite, sisal, abaca and tin. Bauxite is the largest stock the station has which occupies 24 of the stations 1,098 acres of land.

The Gulfport Battalion Center had ballooned to 183 military and 523 civilian employees in support of the 4,200 Seabees. It is now listed as one of the Navy’s excellent installations whose major concern is military’s readiness in the logistic support and mobilization of the US Navy.

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