Detroit Arsenal

The Michigan Detroit Arsenal is definitely a magnificent place, especially since it is today home to 1st manufacture plant designed for tank mass production- this is in the United States and it is all about meeting high standards. The Detroit Arsenal Plant was once established back in 1940. When the WW2 was taking place, this Detroit arsenal tank plant was producing much more than twenty thousand tanks.  The total production was so huge! That original constructed plant is not working today and instead it is actually used for all sorts of civilian purposes and tasks.

Detroit Arsenal Facts

The Michigan Detroit Arsenal plant and some others with similar qualities were once considered as the so called Arsenal of the Democracy- this was established by the respected and beloved president Roosevelt- It was due to the automotive industry of Michigan that was able to fully produce quality armaments for the WW2. It is also a very important tank search spot.

The tank installation is somehow like the headquarters in terms of the Tank-Automotive industry & the specialized Armaments Command. Moreover, the main missions in the Michigan Detroit Arsenal are linked to the industrial production, the research, the development along with the engineering. So since it was established the acres where already taken and it even extended seventeen miles north of Detroit. The current staff is more than 400 experts & 5,600 civilians.

Detroit Arsenal Building Tanks

Areal View  Detroit Arsenal Tanks

Detroit Tank Plant Working on military machinery

The tank arsenal was once built especially to directly support the WWII effort.  Managements ended up closing it to become what it is today! Everything is enhanced and even the management functions of Aviation Command are fabulous.  They relocated the Army missions’ right to West Side a sport that somehow divides Michigan Detroit Tank Plant and the Arsenal. So today, the Michigan Detroit Arsenal consists mostly of western portion along with a Building that can impress anyone.

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