Fort Riley

Have you ever visited Kansas Fort Riley? There a lot of surprising things can be seen. The building of Fort Riley was built in 1853 and comes with some heritages like Buffalo Soldiers and Armstrong Custer in ninetieth century. Also, the soldiers from big battle between twentieth and twentieth one century are well described. It has been an active military base in US. Spending your free time to visit this military base is so worth it, since you are offered some attractions like museum, statues, historical marker and status. The decoration of Fort Riley is unique with all-in-one setting that reminds everyone to the design of park or some campus. The setting makes visitors easy to explore what behind the real Fort Riley.

Fort Riley Facts

  • Website: Visit Fort Riley Website ›
  • Location: near the Kansas River in Northeast Kansas
  • Phone: (785) 239-2672
  • Latitude: 39.080362
  • Longitude: -96.783753
  • DSN: 856-1110

If you love shopping, you will be greeted by some shops located around. You could buy some souvenirs at gift shop nearby US Cavalry Museum post. When getting the Kansas Fort Riley, visitors usually spend five minutes to pass the entrance. However some formal issued letter should be brought if you plan to visit this military base since the army will ask the photo ID, the insurance’s proof and car registration. Unfortunately the visitors who are allowed to explore the Fort Riley must be US residents. Others are not allowed. The officials will give some information related to some places that might not be visited; some restrictions are usually clearly explained.

Fort Riley Transport

Barack at Fort Riley

Fort Riley

Fort Riley main sign

There are two buildings in Kansas Fort Riley which accommodate 3 museums including Fort riley regimental, US Cavalry Museum and Constabulary Museum and the Custer House Museum. These three museums are worth to visit. Learning history allows us withdraw some lessons about life. That’s why these museums could be the way to go. The really cool thing is the Custer House Museum, which is one of three museums in Fort Riley has a rumor of being haunted. Well, it is just a rumor.

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