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  • Location: Forest Park, Georgia
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  • Phone: (404) 469-7311
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The Clayton County Communities alongside the Fort Gillem installation has worked in partnership for approximately 60 years, which began in the year 1941. The installation now stands prominently as Fort Gillem, which was given the name as a signified memory of Lieutenant General Alvan C Gillem, Jr. This major got introduction to his military career as a private at the Fort McPherson installation, in the year 1910. After 40 years of service to the installation, General Gillem Jr. retired as the general in command for the Third U.S Army which is now stationed at Fort McPherson.

Sign in front of Fort Gillem Main Gate

The Fort Gillem installation is currently one for primary satellite headquarters for the United States Army Garrison. The cardinal formation of the United States Army Garrison is facilitated at the Fort McPherson military installation in Georgia. Therefore this deems the Fort Gillem installation as a lead subsidiary, for the Fort. The installation with a land mass fractioning to a total of 1, 465 acres in size, is well known as a host for a variety of supply and support units and constitutes a total of 1, 667 civilians, 1, 663 reservists and 456 military personnel’s. As the primary host for the First United States Army operatives along with these other units, the Fort Gillem installation is well organized to provide continuous support and benefits to all occupants.

Fort Gillem New Building opening

Important building in Fort Gillem

As the headquarters for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the 2nd Recruiting Brigade, the First United States Army, the 52nd Ordnance Group and Equipment Concentration Site in charge of the 81st Regional Support Command, the 3D Military Police Group, the Department of Defense along with several other government embodiments and Army operatives, the installation continues to formalize the best training and educational provisions. The installation along with Fort McPherson avails skilled professionals who are diverse in the field.

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