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Peterson AFB Facts

Just one hour from Fort Collins, which is heavily Democratic, is Colorado Springs, where an important military base and several evangelical institutions, which is a Republican stronghold, this is the Colorado Peterson facility.

Peterson AFB from sky

The Colorado Peterson Air Force Base appears to be huge and it is a known US base situated at Colorado Springs. As previously mentioned it occupies an area of El Paso County, providing many options to Colorado Springs, especially to the Municipal Airport right under a joint which is shared and it is all about civil-military arrangement of the airport. This base was actually once named because of Lt Edward J Peterson which was the 1st one to lead and was actually unfortunately and sadly killed at Colorado Peterson base, long ago, in a terrible crash.

Today, Colorado Peterson Air force base is the home of US Northern Command and of the NORAD, along with the ASPC. It also holds the AFSPC’s twenty first SW, the Space Army Command, & the 302 AW. Also, the twenty first SW actually serves like a host for the Peterson AFB unit.Inside Peterson Air Force Base

Military plane museum at Peterson Air Base

The Operations are somehow complex but needed and optimal and the current tenant units are chosen carefully. The main military operations in terms of flight purposes are constantly optimized and they are being conducted absolutely fine. They where once stationed right at the AFB Rickenbacker in Ohio, which was later relocated to Colorado Peterson back in 1985. The USAF service and personnel maintaining and also operating are fine. Furthermore, the operations that were once performed in Cheyenne Mountain, where also relocated in order to ensure total efficiency. It is important to mention that the NORAD officers do not longer feel like there is actually a dangerous threat in terms of an intercontinental nuclear problem or attack that could end up disrupting the respective NORAD’s operations.

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  1. Shirley Crow August 7, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Please, be advised that Colorado Springs is more like 3 hours from Fort Collins. I do not know where this information was gained or its relivance by Buckley AFB is the closest miliitary installation to Fort Collings

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