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Alaska Clear Station also called as Clear Air Force Station located 5-miles away from a city named as Anderson in the state of Alaska, USA. The primary aim of the station is to locate incoming ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) and missiles launched from submarines. These ballistic missiles very in range between 3500 and 5500 kilometer and they may contain nuclear and weapon of mass destruction. The station was built to monitor incoming missiles in the region.

The base was built in 1959 and cost sum of $360,000,000 and it is in operation. The area had railway roads and it is now one of the best air bases of US Air Force. It has also received Outstanding Unit Award in the year 1970 and has offered some of the best Air Force officers including first female officer in 1973.

It then received its second Outstanding Unit Award in the same year. It has also been upgraded with advanced technologies including its state-of-the-art radome (radar dome) in 1981. Watching its outstanding performance it was enlisted in 1st Space Wing in US Air Force and offered first all-female crew in 1986, which become a milestone for female Air Force officers.

Clear Air Force Station Alaska from sky

Clear Air Force Station Alaska Large Air Scanner

Another important role played by Alaska Clear Station was when two of major Air Bases were converted into radars, it became a major missile detection station and it was decided to make more upgrades, which was later known as Clear Radar Upgrade.

Today it has an advanced radar system than all its previous radar systems named as SSPARS (solid-state phased-array radar system) working 24-hours a day. Its previous radar systems have been seized and they are no longer in operation. It is now working with other units comprising of air forces and organizations including US Air Force, Canadian Air Force and civilians as well.

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